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Radon: A Serious Problem in Minnesota.

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We take pride in designing effective, affordable systems to remove radioactive gasses (radon) from Minnesota houses, offices, schools, condominiums, warehouses, workplaces, and many other structures. We service all of The Land of 10,000 Lakes State, so call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate for a radon mitigation system.




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Radon Mitigation in Minnesota

In this article, we assess the risk of radon gas to citizens of the state of Minnesota. These days, it's common knowledge in Minnesota that smoking is bad for you. When people think of smoking, they think of lung cancer. The basic reason for it comes down to the fact that one is breathing in carcinogenic gas on a frequent basis. It's no wonder that would lead to vastly increased chances of developing lung cancer. What many Minnesota people don't know is that they may be breathing in a similar gas even if they're not a smoker. This gas is called radon, and it's the second most common cause of lung cancer in The Land of 10,000 Lakes State.

Minnesota Radon Abatement

What’s worse, it's totally invisible and has no scent or pigment. There's a multitude of people all over the country, including Minnesota, who are breathing it in every day without knowing it. That's one of the reasons why radon testing is so important. One can usually acquire a radon testing kit fairly easily right here in Minnesota. However, this should only be considered a preliminary measurement. If the results are positive, it's best to then call in the experts for further testing. They'll have more sensitive equipment. The experts will also understand which conditions might interfere with test results based on Minnesota and Federal guidelines.

Remove Radon, Minnesota

If they confirm the presence of radon, the next step will be to determine where it originates and penetrates into the Minnesota dwelling. In The Land of 10,000 Lakes State, radon will typically originate within the soil and migrate into the structure via the foundation voids. Radon occurs as a natural part of the Minnesota environment. When one's outside, it's dispersed enough that there's no danger. However, buildings and especially basements can essentially “vacuum draw” concentrated radon inward. The difference in air pressure will essentially create a radon propelling vacuum within the envelope of the Minnesota building. This can create very alarming radon levels at a very rapid rate. 

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Free Estimate for Radon Mitigation Cost in Minnesota

Imagine if there was a room of people smoking constantly, day and night. Now imagine that all of that air was continually pumped into your Minnesota home. That's essentially what it's like to live in a home which has elevated levels of circulating radon. Thankfully, making a building safe again is usually fairly simple in The Land of 10,000 Lakes State. In general, it's just a matter of sealing entry points and creating “negative pressure” beneath the foundation. In Minnesota, a radon reduction system will achieve this. Radon usually enters through cracks within a basement's foundation but is propelled by the pressure relationship between the soil and the Minnesota building.

Sealing the cracks alone will not completely cure the radon problem. If it doesn't, there are other methods to further reduce radon levels. This includes increasing air circulation, and changing the general air pressure within a room. However, in Minnesota the most effective method of reducing radon levels is sub-slab depressurization using a radon mitigation system. In rare cases, radon might also enter the Minnesota home through well water. When people take showers with contaminated water it will then leak into the air. However, in general this is a minor issue and easily treated by installing a radon aeration system. In some cases, a simple filtration system can fix the contaminated water. In summary, radon is a major problem in The Land of 10,000 Lakes State, so test your home today and if levels are above 3.9, fix the problem without delay to protect the wellbeing of your Minnesota family.

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