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Radon Mitigation Cost in Aurora, Colorado

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In this article, we discuss how to determine the cost of radon mitigation in Aurora Colorado. Radon is a major problem in many areas of Adams County, and controlling radon levels is an important safety issue for many people in Aurora CO. Radon mitigation systems are available in several types and for a range of budgets, but most of them have similar funcationality. It is only within the last two decades that we've seen the cost of radon mitigation becomming affordable for most homeowners who want to protect the health and safety of themselves and their families.

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Since radon can be found at high levels in Aurora, Colorado, and all over the United States; an entire industry has developed around it. The simple fact is that the radon mitigation cost in Aurora Colorado is much less than cost of dealing with the health problems that can occur as a result of exposure to radon gas. In Aurora CO, the major determining factors in radon mitigation cost are the levels of radon, the age of the home, and the size of the home.

The most common type of radon mitigation system in Aurora Colorado combines sealing the areas of gas entry in the foundation with installing a ventilation system that pulls the radon out from below the structure and disperses it above the house where it will no longer be dangerous. In Aurora CO, the average radon mitigation cost ranges from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars, although there will be significant outliers affecting the price based on the structure of the Adams County home.

By filling out the estimate form on this website or calling the phone number listed, an exact price quote can be provided by SWAT Environmental.

For Aurora CO citizens with radon problems, there are a variety of companies that claim to specialize in radon mitigation. However, SWAT Environmental of Aurora is the most trusted name in radon reduction throughout Colorado. For those on a strict budget, SWAT offers flexible payment options.


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The cost of radon mitigation is non-recurring.  Once the problem has been fixed, there is minimal cost of maintenance. SWAT Environmental is always looking to help their Aurora CO clients by installing radon mitigation systems that are cost-effective and affordable.  In rare cases, the radon mitigation cost in Aurora, Colorado can be affected by a foundation defect.

Moisture issues add another dimension to the radon mitigation cost in areas with high humidity levels. In some cases, the duct piping requires insulating to prevent excess moisture buildup which may slightly increase the cost of the radon mitigation system. This is rarely a problem in the Aurora, CO area.  Radon mitigation costs may be higher for older, draftier Adams County buildings since additional sealing may be necessary. The draftier buildings are harder to isolate and seal off. The extensive sealing work that could be involved may affect the overall radon mitigation cost.  For some people in Aurora Colorado, the unknown radon mitigation cost may cause reluctance to even test their home for radon.

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