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Radon Mitigation Systems of Phillipsburg NJ

SWAT Environmental has become the household name when it comes to radon removal. Their experienced team of remediation technicians has been dealing with radon issues since 1988. Radon is a common problem in Phillipsburg NJ homes, so homeowners can take comfort in knowing that the experts on the SWAT radon team are readily available to get the radon out of their home as soon as the problem is detected. Many homes, right here in the 08865 zip code, have tested dangerously high for this toxic gas so if your home has not been recently tested; now is the time to do it! SWAT Environmental has installed thousands of radon reduction systems throughout the United States and have found that homes in New Jersey, the Phillipsburg 08865 area can yield radon levels well above the national averages. So don't delay, contact the radon professionals at SWAT for a free estimate and take the first step toward making your home a safer place!

Radon is a particularly dangerous gas because it has no odor, taste or color and is impossible to detect without the assistance of a radon detection kit or similar means of finding out how much radon exists in your Phillipsburg NJ home or business. Because the gas is radioactive, it has been clasified as a Group A Human Carcinogen by the United States Government (which means that it is toxic to humans.) According to Dr. Atebara, it is important to find out how much radon people are being exposed to because long-term exposure can cause multiple health issues. A certified measurement device is the only way to assess the radon levels within a house or building. These devices can be purchased at hardware or home improvement stores right here in Phillipsburg NJ.

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Although radon has existed since the world was formed, it was first discovered in 1900 by German chemist Friedrich Ernst Dorn. That year, he described a radioactive gas that was an emission from radium. It was initially referred to as "emanation" before being called, "radium emanation," four years later. It finally received the name of "radon" in 1923, seven years after Dorn's death. According to Dr. Atebara, scientists expect radon to continue to exist for the rest of the world's existence. The good news is that any Phillipsburg New Jersey home can be protected from radon thanks to recent advancements in radon mitigation technology such as the radon systems installed by SWAT Environmental.

Although the discovery of the radon element occurred over 100 years ago, radon was discovered as indoor health threat in 1984 when an employee at a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania triggered the radiation detectors in the plant on his way into work. Since he hadn't been exposed to any radiation within the plant that day, officials decided to test his home for radiation to see if that was where he was exposed. The Environmental Protection Agency performed extensive tests on the home and determined that there were alarming levels of radiation eminating from the ground. Further probing of the dwelling identified radon gas as the culprit. This discovery made national news and launched a nationwide awareness initiative. The World Health Organization and National Cancer Institute have classified radon as being carcinogenic, and lung cancer is the most common effect of long-term exposure to it. In fact, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind cigarette smoking. Approximately 20,000 people die every year from it, some right here in the Phillipsburg 08865 area. Radon may also be linked to other types of cancer like leukemia, brain cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, and myeloma. The effects of radon have been felt by animals such as dogs and cats just as much as by humans.

Although radon is clearly a problem in Phillipsburg New Jersey, it is also a worldwide issue and some countries have been affected by it more than others. Recent data has shown that the ones with the highest average radon levels are Albania, Armenia, Czech Republic, Finland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Montenegro and Sweden while the ones with the lowest rates include Australia, Chile, Cuba, Egypt, Iceland, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and United Kingdom. However, it is important to note that information is not available for every country; some of the largest ones in this latter group include Bangladesh, Nigeria and Vietnam. Dr. Atebara warns that radon gas is one of the leading causes of death througout the world.


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Radon is listed on the periodic table in the 86th position with the two-letter denotation of Rn. It is a radioactive noble gas that occurs when radium disintegrates and is the world's densest known gas. When it experiences conditions colder than its freezing point of -96.07 degrees, it emits a phosphorescence that starts yellow and transitions into orange-red if the temperature continues to drop. It is chemically unreactive and has a half-life of 3.8 days. 

Radon testing is the only way to know if the Phillipsburg NJ dwelling is affected. Although it can be done professionally, most people initially use a radon-testing kit because it is more affordable than hiring a professional and is also very accurate. 
Two types of tests exist: short-term and long-term. The former can take as short as two days to complete while long-term tests generally take more than three months, so start with the short-term one. Place it in the lowest level of the building where people spend a considerable amount of time.

If the radon level is shown as four picocuries per liter of air or higher, the Phillipsburg New Jersey government recommends either mitigation or a long-term test to determine if that high level is consistent. When elevated levels of radon have been identified, the best thing to do is contact SWAT Environmental of Phillipsburg NJ to remedy the problem. According to EPS scientist Dr. Atebara, those who attempt to install systems themselves can unintentionally increase the amount of radon in the air.

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Unless one has an environmental or engineering background, it is best to leave it to the professionals when it comes to reducing radon levels. For Phillipsburg NJ homes, one common method of remediation involves using a pipe system and fan to pull radon from the home and send it outside. Another method involves depressurizing sub-grade crawl space areas to draw the gasses to the outdoors before the home's "stack effect" can pull the gas into the living areas. This approach is not as commonly used in the Phillipsburg New Jersey 08865 area due to the home construction types.

In the United States, regulations, laws and requirements related to radon vary quite a bit from state to state. In fact, over half of the states in the U.S. do not have any laws related to radon whatsoever. Some require disclosure of known radon hazards, some require warning statements to be made available and some require those selling a building to first test it for radon levels. In Phillipsburg NJ, real estate laws require a homeowner to disclose known hazards within the home when they are selling it.

Some states have tougher laws related to radon in apartments, and one of them requires that all rental housing be tested every 10 years and that landlords let tenants know of the testing and any mitigation efforts. These laws hold the owners of income properties responsible for letting tenants know if radon hazards exist. We may be seeing new requirements for rental properties and real estate transactions implemented right here in Phillipsburg, New Jersey in the near future.