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Did you know that the house that you live in right here in Spencer could be making you and your family sick? Radon mitigation systems should be installed in Spencer Wisconsin homes, buildings, and businesses in order to make sure that there are not concentrated amounts of radon gas. Radon mitigation can be accomplished when a proper system is designed and installed within the Spencer WI dwelling. The remediation system can correct the radon problem by changing the air pressure within the building or home. In certain circumstances in Spencer Wisconsin, radon needs to be removed from water supplies. Radon mitigation and testing is available and should be performed by professionals to ensure the quality and safety of the air within the Spencer WI house or building.

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There is actually no “safe” level of radon. Any exposure to the gas poses some level of risk. The levels of radon within the Spencer WI home can fluctuate during seasons and sometimes on a daily basis. There are instances when radon mitigation requires additional ventilation within the house to balance the air pressure. Our Spencer Wisconsin radon professionals will explain radon mitigation procedures to you when it comes to the unique characteristics of your home. Radon mitigation is able to be done in any Spencer WI home, office, or commercial building.


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One of the benefits to radon mitigation is that it helps to prevent radon from penetrating the foundation in the first place. An expert Marathon County radon mitigation technician can assist with any questions, concerns, and issues that you may have with installing a radon mitigation system within your Spencer WI home.

A radon mitigation system should be installed by a professional to ensure safety and to ensure regulations and standards have been met. Having the proper radon mitigation system installed is essential because high levels of radon gas within Spencer Wisconsin homes are a common contributor to the development of lung cancer. This is why it is essential to have radon testing and mitigation conducted by a certified Marathon County radon mitigation contractor.

It is important to have your Spencer WI home radon tested for the health of you and your family. It is recommended by the EPA to get testing done especially if you are involved in a real estate transaction or the dwelling has not been tested recently. In Spencer, Wisconsin it is well-known that radon mitigation techniques work successfully at reducing the amount of radon within a home or building. The Marathon County technician can go over what it takes to keep your radon mitigation system functioning properly once it is installed.

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Make sure to follow the technician's instructions carefully to keep you radon mitigation system working properly. This will ensure that radon levels are low within your Spencer WI home. The lower amounts of radon within the house means the lower risk of anyone within the home getting lung cancer. The higher amounts of radon within a home then more likely someone within the home will get lung cancer.

It is possible for radon to be in Spencer Wisconsin well water and it works its way into your home. If it is present in the well water, the radon can make its way into your Spencer WI home when water is used including when a shower or dishwasher is operated. To correct an issue with waterborne radon, “aeration” or “carbon filter” systems can be installed. Concrete, granite, and other materials can give off radon within the Spencer WI home. Usually materials alone don't cause elevated levels in Marathon County structures; however it is not unheard of.

Radon mitigation systems should be installed in practically every home to prevent the buildup of radon. If you are unsure if your Spencer Wisconsin home has a radon mitigation system, or if your home has been tested for radon lately, then contact a professional environmental contractor right away.