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We take pride in designing effective, affordable systems to remove radon gas from Tennessee houses, offices, schools, condominiums, warehouses, workplaces, and many other structures. We service all of The State of Tennessee, so call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate for a radon mitigation system.




615-373-3557   423-622-5882   865-982-6858   901-388-4445    


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We help Tennessee citizens remove radon from their homes. Most people in Tennessee would be terrified to discover that a deadly radioactive gas was slowly seeping into their home. It's the kind of subject matter which most Tennessee people would associate with a horror movie. However, a shocking amount of people in the Volunteer state are experiencing it every day in the form of radon. Radon is a colorless, odorless, irradiated and carcinogenic gas. It's also found naturally in the Tennessee soil and water of many heavily populated and rural areas. Nobody can know whether they're breathing in radon until they test for it. In general, it's best to call for Tennessee professionals to do radon testing.

The main reason is that their findings are accurate can be used to decide to remove radon from the dwelling. In the Volunteer state, testing is an important step when one decides to remove radon from an environment. The reason comes down to how radon actually enters into the Tennessee home. Differences in air pressure can essentially turn a home into a vacuum for surrounding soil. Radon is sucked right into the Tennessee house through openings into the environment. When professionals remove radon, what they're usually doing is blocking off entry points and drawing the gas out from below. After these points are sealed, the Tennessee radiation mitigation team will remove radon that already exists within the home.

Basically they'll remove legacy radon by circulating air within the Tennessee home. This will remove radon in the air by replacing it with clean healthy air (also known as radioactive dilution.) However, in Tennessee when one decides to remove radon there can be complications. One of the most significant is a discovery that the radon is coming in through the water supply. One can remove radon by blocking soil based infusions. However, Tennessee residents need to fully target all areas of vapor entry. Radon in water can also trigger false positives. In Tennessee, there's little real risk from drinking water which is acting as a carrier for radon in relatively low concentrations.

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The real risk from radon tainted water comes from the fact that Tennessee people will breathe it in while taking showers. Showers can also increase the radon in the general air supply, which can provide contradictory evidence for point of entry when trying to remove radon from a soil source. Luckily, it's easy to remove radon from the Tennessee water supply. It should only be an issue if one is using well water.

Public water supplies in Tennessee often remove radon as its being distributed to homes. One simply needs to set up a similar system to remove radon from well water before it enters the home. This is known as an “Air Raider 433.” If one follows the instructions of Tennessee radon mitigation experts, then it's a surprisingly quick process to remove radon from one's Tennessee home. However, one still needs to remove radon as quickly as possible.

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